GA / Backstage Pass

3,500 SUPPLY. 1/27/23 11AM EST ALLOWLIST. 1/27/23 12PM EST PUBLIC SALE.

  • Exclusive access to The Studio, a token-gated collaborative community platform
  • A vote on all creative proposals, music initiatives, and governance over the treasury (All Shilly songs & official music videos will be minted as 1/1 NFTs and transferred to the treasury)
  • Ability to submit proposals to be voted on by community
  • Access to Shilly's future token-gated metaverse lands, concert venues, and events (In The Otherside and beyond!)
  • Allowlist for future digital collectible drops
  • Exclusive access to future physical merch

30% will reveal to be Backstage Passes

  • Ability to license NFT avatars for use in Shilly content
  • 2x Voting Power
  • Exclusive airdrops
  • All benefits of GA passes

Band Pass


  • Exclusive access to The Garage within The Studio platform with the opportunity to collaborate on music for official Shilly releases and receive appropriate credit (and other entitlements*) for selected contributions
  • 5x Voting Power
  • Guest list or free ticketed access to IRL events/concerts
  • Name featured in liner notes of Shilly album and ep releases
  • All benefits of GA and Backstage passes

*Refer to Terms of Service for further details